Enough silence!

Inspired partially by a comment someone left on another blog but mainly enflamed by this: Video that half Malaysia saw and the other half forgot, I think.

Mob rule wins. Violence is the way to go, especially since it means that the authorities will do *anything* (supposedly) to avoid another bloodshed. That protest against Article 11 by the cowards who refuse to let non-Muslims talk about the role of their (non-Muslim) religions in this country? Cowardice and an excuse by the Government to sweep things under the carpet.

May 13 has been hanging over our heads for long enough. Pandering to the fears of the minorities has GOT to stop. Pandering to the whims of a political party that values wealth over its citizens has got to stop. Pandering to the notion of the illusion that a theocratic state can rule under the guise of secularity has GOT to stop.

I’m not saying that if we talk about this issue it will go away. Talking in the media has done nothing but to make everyone feel good for a bit and then conveniently sweep the issue under the carpet.

The only way I think to change this shameful state is to SHAME those in public office in the first place. Shame them and take away their jobs. Make them beg for a living. Make them LIVE in the system instead of above it. Make them **cking wake up to the fact that they ARE accountable to the people who elected them!

Unfortunately until that happens, cases like these will keep happening. Malaysia’s already a laughing stock, but until she becomes a laughing stock in the economic sense, no one in power will care as long as the $$ keeps coming in.

This culture of fear is nothing but that, fear. People are afraid that if we even try to discuss what is happening to this country, people will wake up and see that not all hope is lost. They will wake up to see that there is more in common to each religion than simply the fact that we all believe in God; that this is the same God who says, “Love one another.” The same God who said to one particular religion: THERE IS NO COMPLUSION. The same God who appears different to each eyes because the way we view Him/Her is clouded by OUR PERSONAL experience.

The same God whom most of us believe in regardless of how our religion, how the people who interpret the religious books, how TRADITION AND CULTURE has portrayed him to be, is just that. THE SAME GOD.

How I view my God should be no one else’s business but mine and His/Hers. My relationship with Him/Her is between the TWO OF US. Yes, religion does help us draw closer to God, but what is religion merely than someone’s view and understanding of God? How God comes to us, how we choose to see God, what (and I suspect this is the most important bit of all) God is to us, is between us and the Divine above.

You know what’s the sickest bit about this all?

That these people forget their COMPASSION in the midst of upholding their RELIGION which is supposedly to be more compassionate than all other religions by TAKING AWAY A CHILD THAT WAS STILL BEING BREAST FED FORCEFULLY FROM HER MOTHER.

Muslims who do this are not Muslims. They’re the real KUFARs. They are the ones who are Satan’s puppets, not those who try to understand and be compassionate to those who really need it, regardless of religion.

Yes I am bitter about this why do you ask?

5 thoughts on “Enough silence!”

  1. The issue is not about religion, it’s about a woman who was taken away from her husband and her child.

    Fear me, hate me, for I had seen beyond religion and saw humanity.

  2. It is madness and inhumane. To think they will go so far as to separate a mother from a just born child all because they fear Muslims will one day seize to exist in Malaysia. Will they ever understand already.

  3. The issue of May 13th is one that affects us all. I’m not sure what will bring about reparation but there is an undercurrent that divides.

    It’s interesting to note that some, not all, some of the more rational Malays I have met are still deeply affected by the mention of the date.

    Some Christians have taken it upon themselves to pray for a reparation and reconciliation on that date this year. No matter whose fault is was or what happened, what matters is the need to say sorry for what our predecessors did and mean it.

    Hopefully, the others also feel the same way.

    As for this incident, Raz is right. Tis humanity, fear and hate that rule at the moment. Why else would they go so far to try to “preserve” their heritage?

  4. It’s not really the religion, as Raz said. It’s the people who misuse it for their own purposes and agendas.

    For example, in Bangladesh (predominantly Muslim more so than in Malaysia) you wouldn’t find a “rehab center”. You can marry whoever. You may get trouble from community folks, but there isn’t a big government-sanctioned thing.

  5. My issue isn’t with the religion itself.

    Like most things, it’s with the people who’s trying to implement their own version of Islam on others.

    Thanks for all the comments, guys. ^_^

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