Suriyana, Part 2

713 Words. Not bad, but I need to move faster. Tonight’s aim, 2K!

When the lady and the warrior had left, Suriyana unrolled the mattress and laid it next to the man, and then took his blanket off him, covering him with a wider blanket that would cover her as well, and then folded the first. Once she had done that, she put the blanket away in a corner and got up to blow the candles and lamps out. She left only one alight next to his bed. Even that she trimmed the wick carefully, so that it would go out in a few hours. Having done so, she opened the window a little so there was a breath of fresh air. The breeze was deliciously cool as it swept through the room. Going behind the screen, she took off the maiden robe in near darkness and hung it carefully on the screen. Only a thin white robe covered her body; it was tied together at the waist.

She then proceeded to the mattress, but as she pulled back the covers, his hand reached out for her. Catching his hand, she leant down to hear his words, even as her hand discreetly retrieved the message under his pillow. If he had not, she would have tried to retrieve it in the night while they both slept. Him asking her to stay the night, while not unusual, was unordinary given the circumstances tonight. Her hand closed around the message even as she suddenly felt something soft brush her ears. It took her a few seconds to realise that she had been kissed, and she nearly lost the paper as she pulled back. He smiled weakly at her, still holding on to one hand.

“Honestly, dear one… You still are the same no matter how many times we do this,” he held on to her hand tightly.

“What do you mean?” she tried to pull her hand back. He did not let go.

“Suriyana…” he pulled her down to him. The poison had not weakened him that he was unable to grab her.

She struggled against him, but they both knew that it was a fight she was destined to lose. It was a quiet struggle; there were no screams or shouts, just soft grunts and exclamations. They were both stubborn and prideful; she would go to this fighting him every step of the way without calling for help. He wanted her to fight him, not to break her, but to see the light in her eyes, the quickening of her breath… She was so much more exciting when he took her when her mind said no, but her body said yes, without him doing anything to her.

Somehow, she found herself under him, and yet she struggled. He won the contest by holding her arms above her head and planting himself firmly between her legs. To seal his victory, he kissed her on the lips, pressing his body length against her. When he kissed her, she did scream against his lips in terror. Their robes had fallen open while they were struggling, and she could feel every inch him against her, from his chest to her legs. She also realised that he was hard everywhere she was soft; he was almost as athletic as her brother. He kept kissing her till she had stopped screaming, and then he just laid on her, enjoying her warmth. His arms slowly gathered her close, and with a swift move, he was on his back, and she was atop him. She was stunned. He caught the edge of the covers with his toe and pulled it back up to him, rubbing his feet against her buttocks in the process.

“We’ll discuss your note in the morning, dearest heart. I want to sleep now,” he shifted her in his arms so that she was half-lying on the mattress and her head was on his chest. With a careless kiss on her forehead, he kissed her goodnight and closed his eyes.

Suriyana laid awake the rest of the night, unable to sleep. Although she could, she did not fight him anymore. She told herself that she did not struggle because it would have been no use, but in truth, she was hungering for the warmth of a loving embrace.