Chapter 9a: Crystal Tears

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“You are surprised to see us, aren’t you?” the twins said in unison. They were an interesting study. Both had gold-blond hair with golden eyes, flecked with purple. On their arms were tattoos for various characters, but the one she recognised meant “Phoenix” in the ancient tongue. These creatures had been old when the world she stood on was young, if one were to judge from the antiquity of the tattoos. Still, she said nothing.

“There aren’t many mortals who can come to this plane. Many can’t even seem to find the entrance, much less come to a specific destination. Our Mistress says that only a few are left with the power to do so. And none have used the power of Water Goddess to walk this realm,” one of them hit very close to the mark. She still kept silent.

“Our Mistress is of the belief that it is always better to live in the moment and to be remembered for aeons, rather than to become a Divinity and thereby step aside, watching the events unfold.” The other seemed friendlier. Still she was silent.

“We are the servants of the one you called the Dancing Key, Child of Water,” when they said that, the marks on their arms flaring into life for a moment. “We will tell no lies nor persuade you unless it is at the behest of our Mistress. Are you done examining the Musical Keys? Let us take you home,” they offered their hands to her. Still she said nothing. They dropped their hands after a moment, looking crestfallen. “You wish to see the Triune of the Destroyer. Very well. Be safe on your journey, Siunne.” They bowed to her and faded away.


She snapped her eyes open. In front of her a young child lay sleeping, arms wrapped around a open-topped basket. The basket was covered with a cloth that she carefully pulled away. The smell of hot, home-cooked food immediately assaulted her nostrils. Someone had prepared her favourite foods while she had been in the trance. Looking at the statue, she offered a prayer of apology to the Goddess and reached over to wake the child.
“Dear one…” the child blinked groggily at her.

“Lady Siunne! I brought these foods from the temple! The High Priest said that you might be getting hungry and…” the child’s words tumbled out in a rush and Siunne put her finger on the child’s lips.

“It’ll be fine. Thank you. How long have I been away?”

“Two days and four hours when they sent me here, Lady. Won’t you eat something?” the child’s voice was pleading and plain. She laughed and patted his head.

“Why don’t you show me what’s good to eat, dear one?”


When they emerged from the cave into the setting sun, she shielded her eyes against the glare. The Cave, though deep, faced into the sun, so anyone coming out was normally blinded. Taking her hand, the child led her down the steps on the mountain, knowing the path so well, he could have walked it in his sleep, or even blindfolded. She was content to let him lead, thinking of what she had seen in her visions.

The Destroyer’s Triune was nothing less than what she had expected. They were a very close-knit bunch, with the youngest, Anra, coming into his powers very quickly. He seemed to be maturing faster than usual, and this cause her worry. The Confrontation between the two Triunes had always been balanced, but this time the Destroyer’s seemed to be racing ahead. The God who won the Confrontation would be ascendant in the next Cycle, but it had not always been this way.

What was once parted must be brought back together, and so the division between the Creator and the Destroyer had to be healed. That plan though, had been destroyed when the Destroyer’s Ancillary had found out that his wife, Angel of Life was not a virgin. Privately she wondered if there had been foul play in that; there would have definately been precautions against that when the Angel of Life was growing, but her losing her virginity was suspicious to say the least. In any case though, that was all in the past.

The rules of the Game had changed since then. Now the two sides played to win, to subjugate the other, but privately, Siunne thought that there might be a way to change that. There were signs, both now and in the past, that the relations between the Ancillary and the Angel of Life, was not so cold after all.

“There may be a way after all…” she mused to herself.

“Lady Siunne?” the child asked her. She merely rubbed his head and smiled at him in answer.

They had reached the Temple.