Fanfic antics

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This was done as a challenge by May Billy. In other words I write a Mary Sue and get summoned by any of my bishies. Because I’m braindead, this is being done in time for April Fools’, I hope.

The Library was quite huge. In it contained books of all kinds and thickness, though there were quite a number of books that had been blocked off to certain characters. It was the Library of Many Books for All Drawn Characters (regardless of genre, Mary Sues not allow ok, thanks and BYE!). This was a safe haven for many of the characters inside; it offered peace and tranquility against the onslaught of fangirls and fanboys, especially of the Yaoi and Yuri subspecies. It also allowed them to mingle fairly safely with people from different fandoms and with their own. An Anti-Violence Shield protected most from fighting with each other, and there was always a brawl room nearby for those who really wanted to go at it. For those who preferred something more private and illicit, there were also meeting rooms and lounges with daybeds for them in the upper levels.

Then there were the experiment rooms. If there was something most people would do after reading a book, it would be to try out the experiments. Deep underground, there were many laboratories and rooms for those wishing to carry out such experiments. Rooms were also allocated to places to play music and the like, but there were only so much space that could be allocated. Not everyone could have what they wanted, which meant that those less likely to be antagonistic had to share rooms. Which was how Kurama, Satoshi and Hakkai came to share a room.

Actually, they were not really in that room by choice.

“Or rather, someone has called us,” Kurama looked up to the sky, noting the very pretty skylight above his head. He was not talking to the sky though. “And we’re not really here by choice. Was there a reason you called us?” he sounded faintly irritated. It was very unlike him to speak to the sky.

“Now, you know that’s not true, Ms Narrator. Or should we say writer?” Hakkai smiled… but that was not a normal smile. “It’s been quite some time since we last spoke…” he was cracking his knuckles.

“She seems to have forgotten that I have the power to pull her into this world,” Satoshi continued, opening his paints.

At this point in time, it is uncertain as to what these three are up to. At that particular sentence, all three snorted, with Kurama’s eyes glittering dangerously, though whether in amusement or irritation is up to interpretation.

“You’ll know what we’re up to soon enough,” Hakkai said.

“You said a Magical Girl? Any idea what they look like?” Satoshi interrupted them both, looking at a picture he held.

“You know Sakura? The one who’s doing Tsubasa Chronicles now?” Hakkai walked over to Satoshi.

Kurama, meanwhile, opened his laptop and signed on to Wikipedia. He then showed the article on Magic Girls to Satoshi, who immediately began drawing. ((Author’s note: I knew Kurama was world-savvy, but I didn’t realise that he would be this savvy)).

He looked up again, his eyes glittering dangerously. Hakkai merely smiled, but anyone who had known him for some time would be wary of that smile (especially this author!). “Maa, maa, Kurama-san. Just give Hiwatari-kun some time,” he said with deceptive casualness.

The Author now questions the muses living in her head.

“What are you girls up to? You didn’t… Oh my Gods! You did!”

All the usual muses are either silent, whistling, or humming. She stares daggers at them, unbelieving that they would have. Stooped. So. Low.


“So, short skirt, laces, what else?” Satoshi was looking at the half-finished sketch of a girl with short brown hair, spectacles, and dark brown eyes, a permanent smile on her lips, sitting at her computer typing away. “I think I’ll need some more personal touches too, if we’re going to succeed in what we talked about.”

Kurama checked behind the couch he was sitting on and pulled out a bag. Rummaging in it, he found what he was looking for; an old and tattered exercise book. He then passed the book to Satoshi.

“This was her earlier works, but it should be sufficient for you to get an idea of what she’s like.”

“Kurama-san, you spent the most time with her, why don’t you tell us what she should have?” At this Kurama grinned, and he whispered it into the ears of the eager Satoshi, who nodded and then began painting the sketch.

This had the effect of sending the current author into a state of exclamation marks. Of course, this is simply the written word against theirs; they could not really do what it had been suggested earlier, which was to pull her into their world.

Could they?

“Done!” Satoshi said, and the Author knew a moment of fear. However, that lasted only a moment before she found herself falling into a pit of darkness.

“MAY!!! I’M SO GOING TO KILL YOU WHEN I SEE YOU EVEN THOUGH I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE!!!” She tried to scream but the air rushed out of her as she fell, so she contented herself with simply screaming that in her head.

She actually felt weightless during the fall, as long as it lasted anyway. It felt like she was falling forever, but she knew from experience riding in rollercoaster rides that it would probably last only a second or so, if she was lucky. The weightlessness disappeared and she felt like she was being thrown from somewhere. She landed on someone’s chest though, something hard and comfy. Hands made her stand up, and she looked around her.

Behind her, a canvas stood, completely black as though it had been burnt. From what she knew, that meant that someone had either left the painting or entered it, as the door would remain closed till someone opened it again by repainting the image. She was about to step towards it to look at it when she realised she stood in a circle. A summoner’s circle to be precise. With three men standing around her. Three. Very. Familiar. Men.

Before she could say anything, one of them, the one with the monocle, pointed to his side, where there was a mirror. She looked into it, hardly believing it was her. Really, truly, having a hard time.

Because her short brown hair had grown out beautifully, and her fringe was nicely done. She wore a short, off-the-shoulder top with a miniskirt… both in shades of blue, mercifully. What was disconcerting was that she was dressed EXACTLY like a magical girl, with knee-high boots and the wand in her hand, and the lace gloves on her hand. There were also scarves hanging from her shoulder till her wrist, at the armband.

“Hello, Ms Narrator. How are you?” Hakkai smiled deceptively.


The screen fades to black.

(Muses note: What the hell? Right after we finish writing, “Prayer of a Saint”, Ultima’s castle song is played.)

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