Fave flavours?

Now, a number of people know that I love instant noodles, especially the ones in a cup (and yes, I know they’re unhealthy). My favourite happens to be Mamee’s Fried Onion flavour. It’s not as salty as Maggi’s, and there’s something more delicious than Maggi’s usual Chicken (which was my favourite as a kid).

What about yours?

6 thoughts on “Fave flavours?”

  1. I love instant noodles too! Much to the horror of my boyfriend, of course 🙂 My favourite is MAGGI ASSAM LAKSA, hhhaha 🙂


  2. Ah… instant noodles,staple diet of oriental and Malaysian college students everywhere!!

    Me? I prefer Indo Mee Goreng, original flavour. Add one/two eggs, some microwaved sausages and voila.

  3. Pat: Yes… *sigh* *remembers*

    Samster: You haven;t had indo mee Mee Goreng until you have had the Mee Goreng Special… it’s got 6 seasonings included in the pack (Thick Soy, Chilli paste, garlic oil, seasoning powder, chilli powder and extra large fried shallots) 😛 Problem is it’s only sold in the Pacific market 😛 Add one mamak style fried egg = win XD

  4. Indomee Mi Goreng Rendang Flavour. Damn pedas, but damn addictive. Got it in the UK- anyone knows if it’s available here?

    Geminianeyes: Have you tried looking in Giant? XD

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