6 thoughts on “Fave flavours?

  1. I love instant noodles too! Much to the horror of my boyfriend, of course :) My favourite is MAGGI ASSAM LAKSA, hhhaha :)


  2. Ah… instant noodles,staple diet of oriental and Malaysian college students everywhere!!

    Me? I prefer Indo Mee Goreng, original flavour. Add one/two eggs, some microwaved sausages and voila.

  3. Pat: Yes… *sigh* *remembers*

    Samster: You haven;t had indo mee Mee Goreng until you have had the Mee Goreng Special… it’s got 6 seasonings included in the pack (Thick Soy, Chilli paste, garlic oil, seasoning powder, chilli powder and extra large fried shallots) :P Problem is it’s only sold in the Pacific market :P Add one mamak style fried egg = win XD

  4. Indomee Mi Goreng Rendang Flavour. Damn pedas, but damn addictive. Got it in the UK- anyone knows if it’s available here?

    Geminianeyes: Have you tried looking in Giant? XD

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