Lil update

Ok, not so little. Maybe massive, but we’ll see how long my attention span lasts.

If no on has noticed, I left my job at a certain construction company in November. While I loved the job itself, there were a number of things that I was not too satisfied about, and while some people may say that I’m being fussy, let’s just say that I was not happy not being myself. Backstabbing was never something I liked, though I do miss the freebies.

I left that job for a copywriting one at my current company. As some may have noticed, things seem much happier here. Much more relaxed and easygoing compared to my old company. One of the things I’m very happy about is that I no longer have anyone looking over my shoulder when I work; no one passing behind me to look at my comp. Also no one standing literally behind my back when I’m writing or updating. It’s very soothing.

Then there’s the people. Much younger group = win. Need I say more?

Socially, let’s just say that March, April and June REALLY taxed my energy levels. Koibito came down and I was very happy about it. I missed him. I was exhausted by the time C2Age came around, and I really wanted to just forget about the whole thing (even though I paid for my ticket already). However, as it was two of my little sisters’ first time organising such an event, and there were idiots in the forum who said that it was going to be a failure, I thought I may as well go and lend my support.

I didn’t regret it.

Cosplay chess was messy but doujin was quite nice. I got another artwork from Kamcao and I loved the pretty ScorpioXGemini drawing Silvy did, though I’ll need to scan it later. I love artworks, actually, they often inspire me to write.

And as it is getting quite late now, I shall head to bed. Nite!

Edit: IRCFiesta pic. Will upload a clearer one if I can find one. ^_^

3 thoughts on “Lil update”

  1. ..Cosplay CHESS?


    Yes, cosplay chess. Think human chess with cosplayers as the pieces. Quite fun, actually.

  2. Glad things are going well for you, girl.

    My apologies for not being able to make it down last holidays. If you read my blog, you could see that I was in no condition to go anywhere.

    Also, there was a seminar on Monday and Tuesday anyway so…. 😛

    Gomen! Gomen! Gomen!

    Geminianeyes: Nah, it’s ok, I saw and understand.

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