List time!


Send off DVD and letter to Raz and other people *Reminder: Buy envelopes*
Stop by Public Bank to check out their Visa Electron requirements as well as accounts

Random notes on DoTA: Playing Medusa

1. Using split shot instead of chain lightning seems less painful on the mana. Chain Lightning seems more effective to kick ass though.
2. Sit down in a spot and farm. Do not keep running here and there whenever you see a hero close by. Unless he’s disturbing your towers, farm.
3. Butterfly + Power Tread. I need to get money fast especially for the eagle horn. Perhaps purchase the hand of Midas after getting the Tread to get more money faster?
4. Will also need to try to get the Mjolnir ASAP. Stats look good for it.
5. Akasha doesn’t look too bad though, but I don’t like her attacks.

Hm… any other suggestions?

1 thought on “List time!”

  1. Lol, I can’t believe you’re playing dota…oh well, enjoy.

    Just avoid CCs with jengs and jakuns playing.

    (Apparently I hated that game because of them too, that means I’m really biased towards the culture that was conditioned to be less distinctive caused from that game. Real gamers should know what I’m talking about. Too bad I can’t stop the marvels of free will).

    I play only with friends. Especially since I had dire warnings from said friends NOT to play with strangers. 😛

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