For the Sunshine behind the Clou

Sometimes we wonder
Most times we ponder
Was the Past the best?
Is the future secure?

Other times we hurt
Mostly others are pained
We wonder whether we are sane
Pushing others away
To save them from ourselves

Behind each cloud the Sun shines
Behind every rain cloud there’s hope
What does not kill us makes us stronger
Growing pains are hurtful and insane

The storms are long
The nights are lonely
The cold’s embrace is painful
Self-discovery is a sad road when the sun goes down

Yet deep within
There lies a deep well
Quiet times spent
Drawing strength from here
Is refreshing

Soul searching
With the courage
To go beyond the surface
Where the center of your being lies
Is called a skill, a gift, a talent
But what it is
Is Honesty.

The sun is honest
As are you
The sun burns
As do you
The sun warms
As do you
The sun enflames
As do you

You are a sun
Hidden by the clouds
The rains will pass
But you will remain

We love you. For
who you are
You are the child of the World
And so much more
You are the child of Humanity
And a Hope for the future.

Sending love

1 thought on “For the Sunshine behind the Clou”

  1. Don’t know what to say, except, this left me breathless. Yes, every person is a sun. Some have eclipses, solar flares, others just give warmth to others.

    I love the self-sacrifice line, “pushing others away to save them from ourselves”. Only the strongest of souls can pull them off, but in the end, redemption and respite.

    Thank you for your words.

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