DiGi 5050 Car Giveaway

EDIT 1: Disclaimer

I am a sub of Digi and affiliated to DiGi, which is why you’re seeing this on my blog.

WHEE~~~ Car Giveaway from DiGi for Merdeka! All you need to do is to reload RM 50 and above to be eligible (but this one is a bit susah la, cause depending on luck). How does the contest work?

1. Reload with a minimum of RM 50 from May 12 – June 30.
2. (This is where luck comes in) Every 5050th reload will be picked by the system and the relevant numbers will be sent to the radio stations.
2A. The DJ from the radio station will call up a number and the person on the other end has to answer 2 questions to win the car!
3. That is all.
3a. If you can’t answer the questions, never fret. DiGi will still give you RM 100 per month for 5 months as a consolation prize.

For full contest details, please head on over here.