There is hope?

Times like these, it really makes you wonder who are the idiots. Congratulations PAS, I for one am waiting for the day we can debate our religions in a peaceful manner and resolve to make it so that people of many religions can live in this country without fear of being hunted down and made fun of simply because we choose a different religion.

To those sexist MPs, congratulations. You have just managed to make Malaysia a laughing stock… AGAIN. I suppose it doesn’t matter much to you because you can go around with a happy smiling face because you delivered a low blow to the opposition. Then again, it just proves that you will do anything to retain your grip on power and ignorance. After all, money insulates, doesn’t it?

To Nazri: “This is a debate. People play with words,” he said. “As long as there is no ill intention, we should allow for it. Otherwise parliament will be very boring.”

I’d settle for boredom if it means that our Parliamentarians will be INTELLIGENT. Admit your failings, why don’t you? To think I used to look up to you, but I suppose one disgruntled voter means nothing to you, does it?

You’re getting as bad as Najib.

3 thoughts on “There is hope?”

  1. Amen to that lil sister! Pisses me off, those embarassing MPs…and when I read about Nik Aziz’s reprimand against the preachers who impose their religion on others, I went…WOW…

    I look towards that bright day too, when we could all co-exist together without having to bash each other’s heads in.

    BN…the more I think about them the more I get pissed.

    *Pats* I know what you mean.

  2. I have a friend who is personal assistant to Anwar Ibrahim. And I have friends who support the opposition, not without reason.

    Personally, my political views are rather…unvocal. But it doesn’t mean when I can vote, I will play follow-the-leader…

    In this aspect…the credibility of the MPs are descending into negative digits (if it hasn’t already been there).

    Hear hear!

  3. Nice to see that there are some people who are a bit more reasonable in expressing and displaying their beliefs.

    As for that MP incident, I’m amused and disturbed all at the same time.
    That an MP should make such a comment in parliament is another reminder of the insensitivity and immaturity of some officials. But the fact that a petty thing like this should become a national incident is even more disturbing. I mean, c’mon, we have so many issues to confront and all you guys can bat about is a leak? And then because someone had the nerve to say something both sexist and stupid, it leads to a national uproar?

    In a way, I understand but on the other hand, oy!

    While I agree with you, I would like to point out that if they didn’t highlight this, we might not know just how scarily ignorant our so-called representatives are.

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