Apology not accepted

With references to here and here.

So, do I accept their apology? No. According to one of them, he said that it was meant in the heat of the moment, and he had not meant to insult all women. Excuse me, but how would you like it if I said the same to you and said that “Oh, I didn’t mean your mother, I meant your friend.” I could invent swear words right now, but that would be a pretty bad habit.

What should we all accept from these people? If they don’t want to dump them from Parliament, then suspension of ALL their privileges for one year (or more), and for them to serve women who have been abused because their husbands thought of them like how these MPs obviously regard women. If they really want to make amends, then simple.

Either they quit, or they’re fired. Malaysia does not have the time to deal with idiots like these, not when we’re supposed to celebrate our 50 years of independence. This then begs the question of course; with bigots and male chauvinistic pigs like these, what freedom?