Talking to muses

310 words… What the hell girls? Bear in mind: This is me, this is Sukina, and this is Naoko.

I’m starting to think that maybe I should just add another category to my sidebar.

It would be useful.

Talking to muses sounds like a pretty good idea.

Thank you.

Still, you should really consider doing this costume, along with Kio. If nothing else, the photo op would be good.


I’m serious!

*Naoko is rolling on the floor with laughter*

Dimmie just said that I have a big happy face. Saya has “guilty that I did so many bad things” face. Plus… I cannot angst like Saya.

You mean you can’t emo like her.


That’s easy to rectify. *Sits up and grin* Just talk to your exes and get them to make you feel miserable. Or… you know, get him to tease you.

…. His teasing me doesn’t make me feel emo.

No Su, it doesn’t. Hmm.. why not make her listen to Pink’s Who Knew? That always makes her sad.

… It makes me sad, not angry angst.

Right… We all know you really want to be Saya. You like her more than you liked most female characters, except Mizuno.

And we all know that you don’t like the real-life versions of the Sailor fuku, which is why you don’t make them.



…. Remind me again, why are we having this conversation?

*Both smile innocently*

…. Right. *Headdesks*

And in case you guys were wondering, THIS and THIS and THIS is the costume I’m thinking of making… They have a lot of zips (I think) and it’s a three piece.

She’s considering it.


WHAT THE HELL??? NO! I don’t have time to go to the tailor and get materials and… TT_TT


Also, you need to watch Loveless and finish reading the Manga. You’re going to be a very short Kio.

… meep.

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  1. *hugs*

    Sukina, Naoko don’t be mean to her ok… I love her. My love as Saya…. *wipe excessive saliva drooling out*

    Geminianeyes: Don’t worry, love. They want to see it as much as you do. *Hugs*

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