Random thoughts

… In the morning. This is the reason why I should not be left to my own devices for too long. Not to mention looking at Karcy’s and Lainie’s journals have inspired this morning’s style.

On Fonts:

From the time I learnt how to change fonts, I’ve always loved playing around with them. No, not in my blog posts or anything (I learnt the hard way when I was in college what playing with fonts does to your fledging journal and sometimes IE layout, yes it was pre-Firefox then), but rather when I wrote for the sheer joy of writing.

For the longest time, since I started working last year, I’ve been content with writing in normal, plain fonts like Verdana, Arial and Helvetica. Not to say that they aren’t nice fonts, but they’re merely functional. There’s a difference for me. I still prefer serif fonts like Book Antiqua, Papyrus, Bookman Old Style, Georgia, Garamond, Courier New, all the fonts that looks like they came from a calligraphy class in the Middle Ages. Whenever I see them, I feel like writing and writing and writing. There’s a certain sense of Romanticism associated with those fonts for me. It feels warmer and more intimate; more personal.

Which is why I’m slowly changing the fonts on my comp back to those fonts again. It’s simply love, and it’s sad that most people don’t seem to appreciate them. I wonder how many of us really miss those old, warm fonts.


On Gaia

Was reading this book last week called “Technogenesis,” which basically says that if you’re connected to the Net 24/7 and it’s via your mind instead of a keyboard or anything, there is a chance that there would be an artificial intelligence that would pop up from the connectivity of the minds. While it was an interesting thought, it was to give birth to another thought: People have long said that our Earth was sentient, that Gaia was an entity. I was thinking this as I walked to my office in the hot 8am sun: Could it be true? Some say that the Earth will repair herself, but I was thinking to myself, that if the Currents in the ocean has already stopped, is Mother Nature going to move it again soon, considering the amount of gasses we now have in the atmosphere, would she be able to continue renewing herself or would she simply stop?

Because it has been speculated that our thoughts give rise to Artificial Intelligence and that we all have an aura, couldn’t Gaia have come this aura and is actually a sentient being that we cannot see nor feel because she is not a corporeal being but rather a spirit, like a Goddess, being in everything and anything yadda yadda… I should be careful when I’m being random.


On Songs

Tamaki is Blond. Solomon is blond. Tamaki LOOKS foreign. Solomon IS foreign. Tamaki is full of himself. Solomon is quietly confident. Tamaki angsts in the shadow, and his hair becomes curly. Solomon angsts in the dark and his hair IS curly.

Is there any reason why when Guilty Beauty Love plays I think of Solomon even though it’s Tamaki’s song?


1 thought on “Random thoughts”

  1. Serif fonts attracts, while sans-serif (sans) helps readability on the screen.

    There is a reason why your journal theme headings/titles are in Serif while your content is in Sans.

    But there is more to fonts then just the type it belongs to, there’s kerning, line spacing, letter-spacing and more.

    You find one of the most perfect typography on very old books where each letter is made and stamp by blocks arranged and made as if it was a fine piece of art with each letters, each spacing, each way the words are arranged just fits.

    That was the good old days and old day it was.

    Geminianeyes: For me at least, I love looking at the books rather than the screens. I agree that kerning and arrangement does wonders for making a font readable, but there’s also an emotional attachment to these fonts that sans serif just fails to convey. Maybe it’s that extra hook.

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