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Have you ever felt angry or sad for no apparent reason? Something triggered it, for sure, but you just couldn’t figure out what made you feel that way. Or have you ever felt great with what you’ve achieved, and said to yourself “That’s right! I did it! I’ve completed that presentation successfully / got that customer order / solved that problem! I found a way that works!” Only to find that you can’t repeat the same success for future events?

If you could find a way to really release those major negative emotions, so that you can be clear, calm and focused on what you want to do, and learn how to achieve success repeatedly, it would be helpful, wouldn’t it?

In ‘NLP So What?’, you will learn how your mind functions at the deepest level and take charge of your life. Would you like to have a glimpse of how your mind works, right now?

Very quickly, list down names of 5 of your friends. One after the other, out loud, not missing a beat. Done that? Good. Now, add another 2 names. Instantly, one after the other. Speed is important! Done that? Good. Now, add another 3 names. Immediately after you finish reading this sentence. Quickly! Done that? Good!

So, how long did you have to pause to think of the additional 5 names?

You needed to pause after 5 or 7 names because our minds process information that way. Every day, information at 2 million bits/second comes into our minds. Our minds process information at 134 bits/second. This means we can only remember 5-7 chunks of information at any time. Interesting, isn’t it?

Catch glimpses of how your mind deciphers information and how you can reprogram your mind to achieve personal performance excellence. You would be on your way to a deeper understanding how you can really find out what you want in life. The ability to design your life to be able to achieve what you want would make you more powerful and in control, wouldn’t it?

Take action now and call 03-8061 1955 or 012-383 4402 to book your free seat for an exciting 2-hour insight into unlocking your mind and ways to achieve a great life that can bring you more than financial wealth.

Hurry, seats are limited. Thanks for your time.

“Awaken to Life….!”

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