Today’s Sunday.

Today’s Sunday.

Two days before my birthday.

June 12. I share the same birthday as Anne Frank.

Koibito (aka lover) came down yesterday. This morning, I got up in the morning and went over to meet him. We spent the morning in each other’s arms, talking and holding each other. Then I helped him pack to get ready to check out. At this point in time, we realise that we really do seem like a married couple. We were checking whether we’d left anything, helping actually putting stuff into the bag, deciding what to take, what to leave behind… It was a scenario I had seen my mother and father do a hundred times when we were travelling.

Then we went to church, and headed out to Izzi’s for lunch. Food was good, company was even better, and I love spending time alone with him. I haven’t really been paying enough attention to him, and I loved today and yesterday. It was great to walk around, talking randomly, playing arcade games, holding each other close, and generally not caring about the world. Although I slept on him twice in the LRT, I felt loved, cared for, and protected. I could feel him looking around us from time to time, as though on the lookout.

We had a long talk in the car before we went to fetch Zymz’s, and I’m really glad I did. I learnt something new about him today that just made me love him more and more. It’s not about the gifts that make me happy, but the man himself. He made me realise just how lucky I am to have him as my partner.

One of the more random things we discussed was about our children and the Net. While we differed on how to monitor our children’s knowledge, we both DID agree that we should prepare a list of things our child should NOT see, the topmost being Goatse. So Koibito suggested the same thing that had happened to it as a child. If our child was curious, we’d tell them to type it goatse and see what it was. Of course, there is also the therapist’s bill to consider. XD

We also agreed to tell our child:

– NEVER trust any link posted in the channel
– Be careful of Aunty Ciel’s links. Some may be good, some may be bad.
– NEVER, EVER trust Uncle Gan’s links, (not the person himself). See Goatse and Meatspin as examples!

More later! Nite!