Rain brings out…

A bit of poetry, and since Tarot.com told me to… šŸ˜›

Dancing in the Rain

Heavy drops
Light music
Fingers tapping
Feet dancing

Outside they’re running
Rain’s here
It’s shelter most search for

Inside, the air’s cold
Outside it’s cold
Touch of water on the skin
Shivers of delight within

Smiling at each other
They took the other’s hands
With a single step
Without any music
They began
Steps only they knew
Rhythm their bodies used
Melody they loved…

The rain fell
They danced
Wind blew
They shivered
But still they danced
Smiling at each other
In simple things

1 thought on “Rain brings out…”

  1. Very nice!!!

    Also, I’m a rain lover šŸ˜€ So I’m probably biased, but it is simple in it’s beauty.

    Geminianeyes: Thank you darling. ^_^

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