12 June

AKA My birthday.

It was one of the more memorable ones I’ve had for most of my life.

Started from last Friday when Koibito sent flowers to my office, along with two teddy bears (both sitting on my desk now) and an envelope with that precious domain message. You have no idea how many levels of squee that sent me into. Later that night, I told him so, expecting no more gifts from him except himself the next day, as the only present I was really hoping for was to spend a weekend with him without any interruptions (pardon to everyone that I disappeared for those two days). Then he gave me the presents he had brought down (pictures when I feel like it. :p) They were:

Battle Royale (a novelisation of an anime/manga, I think)
Time Spiral, a Magic The Gathering (book 1 of the series)
Cartomancy (YAY! Sequel to A secret atlas)
Domain Details (WOOT!)
A bracelet he had made himself from a network cable with a bell (SQUEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

And by coming down

Himself and his time (which is all I wanted, really!)

We both decided to skip badminton, mainly for two reasons. I wasn’t ready to introduce him to my parents yet, and we wanted more time alone. Of course, because of the rain, people kept calling, and it was a little hard to keep the appearances up when Mintos called koibito after failing to get me. I had to ask Elder to give me time to call him back, and I did once Koibito and Mintos had decided. At this time they still did not know that I had already met Koibito.

When we met at the restaurant, I showed them the gifts that Koibito had supposedly made me run around town to get. We were actually supposed to celebrate Elder’s birthday and mine. Dinner was Tony Roma’s. They have really good ribs. While we were ordering, Mintos and Elder had slipped out to get Koibito. When he came in, it was a big surprise for me, because he did two things; he kissed me and he was wearing glasses. Yes, I still have a weakness for good looking men with glasses. Dimmie caught on that I was with Raz the entire time, and I’m really glad that she didn’t tell anyone else. 🙂

After that, we all said goodnights. I dropped Koibito at his hotel nearby and headed home.

The next day, I woke up early and headed off to pick him up and check out. We went out shopping again after stopping by the church, and basically spent the whole day walking and talking to each other. Check out my post on Sunday if you want more details.

Monday was especially painful for us… This had been the longest time we had spent with each other without anyone else following us, and it hurt to part. When he reached home safely, I was really happy, and yet really sad… Five hours separated us again. He was the first person to wish me Happy Birthday at midnight, and the last person to wish me 24 hours later. During that one day, I realised just how many people cared for me, with the well-wishes, the cakes, the people around me in general.

I should write in more detail what I did, but I’m exhausted. Perhaps next time.

Thank you all.