PD Trip Report (Quick One)

Uncle managed to irritate me only once (YAY!!)

I finished two books in two days (well, one had been overdue for a week already, can’t read cause always had work)

I discovered I can swim VERY short distances (take a deep breath, go facedown, and kick with my legs). Still have a prob figuring out how to take a breath while swimming without choking though.

My cousins are too adorable!!!

It is hard to find good, affordable food in Port Dickson.

The wind was really strong. I stood on the balcony and I could feel it trying to lift me up and carry me away. Pictures to follow when I get it from my dad. The waves were really high… Was wondering whether there would be a tsunami, but since the water did not recede, we discounted that possibility.

Slept like a baby on the way down, couldn’t sleep on the way back.

Miss my uke.

Miss my Internets, but not as much as I thought I would.

I return with a clearer sense of how a story should be written. Nao, Su, Kishan… you guys wanna tell me the truth now?

Expect updates to Geminianeyes.com after June. Haven’t decided on the plugins I’m going to use yet, but I know what themes I’m going to get. Yes, I realise that it seems very shallow, but it is easier than me breaking my head over it. 😛

1 thought on “PD Trip Report (Quick One)”

  1. Breathing without choking? It’s really simple. You make sure your mouth isn’t underwater at the time. The key really is to make sure that you’re exhaling while your head is underwater, because then you don’t have to expel air AND inhale once you break surface.

    My minor contribution. 😛

    Geminianeyes: Now that’s interesting. Never thought of it that way. Will try it next time!

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