S’pore Report, Summary

OMGWTF Christina Aguilera has a really sexy body! Some people may say that she was a slut, but it was done so classily, so well that I admired her for it, rather than revile her. Besides, if she’s proud of her sexuality and wants to show it off, what’s wrong with that? She’s confident, sure and comfortable with herself! How many females do YOU know with that level of confidence? Also, she has fantastic legs! I once did a piece on Christina when her latest album, Back To Basics, and I remembered someone had once described Christina as the “Little Girl with the Big Voice,” and they weren’t kidding. Seeing her live was SIMPLY MINDBLOWING.

Hurt, Fighter, and Lady Marmalade were my favourite performances of the concert, but Hurt was the best of all. The emotion, the passion… the actual hurt. I first heard the song over the radio, and it brought a tear to my eye. This time the tears fell slowly and quietly, mainly because I remembered how I never got the chance to say “Thank you,” to my grandfather. I barely knew him, as he was the quiet, fierce one of my grandparents. Nevertheless, he was quietly religious, the kind that leads by example, not by telling people to convert. He also loved his children dearly, I believe. After all, he and my grandmother both accepted my uncles who had married Muslims into their home warmly. My eldest uncle, my grandfather’s stepson, respected him greatly.

There were many blings, many changes of songs, but what struck me most was that SINGAPOREANS. DO. NOT. MOVE. During the concert. It’s a CHRISTINA AGUILERA CONCERT, FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE! HOW CAN YOU SIT IN THE CHAIR WITHOUT MOVING??? Then again, according to one of my colleagues, there are actually rules in Singapore that govern concert goers’ behaviour. WTF??? Still, the energy she exuded was fantastic, especially considering that there are rumours that she’s pregnant. If she is, then CONGRATULATIONS, CHRISTINA!!


Still don’t like Michael Bay. I suppose that’s mainly because the focus in the movie was less on the Transformers themselves and more on the so-called human element. Yo Bay! If I wanted to watch a human element show, I’d watch a drama or love story. Also, some characters were completely unnecessary. I dislike this treatment of Transformers, though I have to admit, DAMN BUT IT WAS GOOD! I liked Frenzy and Bumblebee, though still… ah well.

What about you?

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