Patriotism- More than a flag

Patriotism is more than just a flag. It more than putting symbols on your car to show just how much you are into the Merdeka Spirit. It’s more than a National Day Parade. It’s more than a single man shouting “Merdeka!”

Patriotism demands that you do something for your country. It demands not just outward symbols of your love for your country, but also a deep conviction in your heart. You can paint, scream, shout, wave the flag, but if you do not feel it in your heart, then you’re nothing. You’re not patriotic, you’re just an attention whore.


Because it’s so much easier to spend money to make it look that your patriotism is tangible, when it’s not.

Would you give your life for your country? Would you bleed to death for her, knowing that if you didn’t, she would be colonised again? Would you spend your life behind bars for speaking out against a government you don’t agree with? Would you stand up and say, “You’ve misled us and our country! Step down, and let us rebuild her again?” Would you stand up, alone, when others shun you, simply to right an injustice?

Would you take the LONELY and UNPOPULAR view alone, to defend your country, not among strangers, but among those who grew up in her? Would you go against your own countrymen to because you believe that your country has taken a turn for the worse? Would you be willing to endure torture, isolation, and suffering for your beliefs?

If you cannot answer these questions, then you’re not patriotic. I know I can’t say so. I’m not patriotic. What have we learnt in 50 years?