Yes Pelfy, Ed, I got this idea from your blogs.

Broken Shield and Sword was born on 18 October 2005. That’s about two years ago.

Alright, she’s actually a few days older than that, but that was the day I made the official announcement on Ramblings that I would be moving to WordPress, and to Geminianeyes. Ramblings, on the other hand, was created in June 2003. I had finally decided to pick up a “Blog” after a few months of reading about this latest trend, that time unaware that my first attempt to keep a record of my life online (aka what a “blog” was all about then) was already being done by me on My very first online journal was created on 7 January 2002. Which feels like eons ago.

I remember wanting a place to express my opinions, a place to scream and shout, even if no one else knew that it existed. I remember getting a few comments from a guy whom I eventually lost touch, but who was a great help in those days. I remember starting writing one or two posts calling Najib an idiot, and being very afraid that I would be carted off to prison under the ISA for defaming a member of the Government (btw, I still hold Najib to be an idiot, but that’s my own personal opinion). So many memories…

Broken Sword and Shield, like Ramblings before this, began as a way for me to not only articulate my thoughts, but also to reach out to friends whenever I was cash-strapped (aka I couldn’t SMS or Call). Like some online journals, it also became a place for me to rediscover myself; to see the old me. Sometimes the changes are so drastic that it’s hard to believe that it’s me. Over time, Broken Sword and Shield became more than just a blog; it became a notebook.

It kept links on things that interested me. It became a place for me to write stories. It became a place for me to do what I loved most; write, no matter what the subject was. From time to time, I like playing with her layouts and such, but at the end of the day, what matters most is that she doesn’t distract from the most important thing; the contents that make Broken Shield and Sword what she is.

On a random note, while I chose the name Geminianeyes to represent myself, Broken Shield and Sword represents two of the three main characters in my stories; Kishan and Naoko. Originally I wanted to use this blog as a place to store their stories, written in a first person’s perspective, but that did not really happen. For those who want to know, Naoko is the Broken Shield, while Kishan is the Broken Sword. Or vice versa. It depends on Sukina’s whims actually.

I have two main blogs currently; MistressNaoko at Livejournal and this one. MistressNaoko was originally started as a story blog, and then grew into an RP blog. It is still maintained as a Role-Playing blog in certain aspects, but it’s now grown into a random “Keep tabs on Friends’ Journals” as the majority of them are on LiveJournal. I once had 11 journals in LJ, mainly due to roleplaying. Now I only have two there: Buku Contengan and MistressNaoko. Geminianeyes and Broken Shield and Sword remain my primary blog.

And yes, I’m switching her to her new hosting soon. Hopefully. XD

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