Bon Odori Reports

Very, very tiring day. It was worth it to see Raz again, and for that, the tiredness is worth it. Picked him and Tachikoma Jin up at about 8 something, got the time confused with Shereen who thought it was at 8PM, not AM so she ended up going to BO on her own. The car trip was… random.

We got there so much earlier than usual and they forced us to park next to the stadium. Walking to the stadium entrance took about 8 minutes. Not that I’m complaining. I wore sensible open-toed sandals. Can’t say much for the others who didn’t. 😀 The day was tiring for both of us, so we took naps here and there. Sleeping with someone you love and trust is very relaxing and refreshing. ^_^ Met with a lot of people, had a lot of squeeing, enjoyed some good food (kaki koori, which I think is shaved ice, is delicious on a hot day), and participated in the dance with Raz. I want to dance Pachelbel Canon in D again, love!

I enjoyed it, though this will be the last year I’m going to be seeing Renren and Iluna there. BE SAFE AND ENJOY YOUR STAY IN JAPAN, BOYS!

Sayang, come home safely.

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