Running the Race of Life

There are those who run the race of Life for themselves. Then there are those who run the race in remembrance of those who have passed on. There are those who run the Race of Life by helping others to run the race. There are those who run the race literally, helping others along the way with words, support, their presence.

Each of us runs the Race of Life in our own way, our own time, our own reasons. Yet the most precious races seemed to be run by those who run not for themselves, but for others. Participating in the race is always the easiest, but for some, to lend support to the runners is the hardest bit to do.

This year, make a difference. Help others run the race. Help the cause that means the most to you. Spread the word, spread the awareness. If you can, spread your wallets as well. On July 28, Blogathon 2007 begins. If you are unable to lend your support with money, then spend some time talking to these courageous (and will-soon-be-sleep-deprived) souls.

Each button will take you to another blog that’s going to be doing the insane thing and stay up for 24 hours for Blogathon. If you can’t donate, won’t you stay up and join them to cheer them on?

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  1. I think I’m going to make you a badge to put on your blog because you’re such a wonderful cheerleader..

    Now let me squeeze some creative juices…

    Geminianeyes: You want my spinal fluid? :3

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