Blogger remanded

Nat of Jelas.Info was remanded late last week as the police apparently wanted to “speak about the Internet.” Three Special Branch officers (sort of CIA, except they’re domestic cops) came for him. He was released two days ago.

It’s suspected that Nat was remanded because of his support for Tian Chua during the Najib-Altantunya picture fiasco and for his ties to Keadilan. Either way, I know I have to be careful, as I found out yesterday that one of my uncles works for Keadilan as their Puchong Info Chief or something, I think.

And we all know what I think about Najib. ^^;

More later when I’m not feeling so sleepy. Also, HP7 leaked. I’ve had a good look at the book, and I’m inclined to think that it’s the real deal.