Blogathon Series, Part 2

Part of the Lead-up to blogathon:


They are one of nature’s most precious gifts among humans. Smiles, after laughter, is one of those actions that touches the art. It holds many nuances, and there are, I believe, no two smiles that are alike. More than anything else, I think, it’s one of the few actions that can carry emotional meanings with each exchange. A smile has more than one meaning, unlike a frown. While frowns are almost always associated with negativity, smiles can be anything from mischief to joy, to wonder, to happiness. Is it any wonder then, that smiles are often more prized than frowns?

For a child NOT to have the ability to smile is a tragedy. More than that, it’s something criminal. For us, we may think that a smile does not have any worth, but they do wonders to a child’s self-esteem. A smile offered in friendship is one of the most precious gifts and sights a child will experience. The lack of this can make a child feel ostracised, an outcast, a pariah. No one knows better than someone who’s actually gone through it.

Cleft lips surgeries are one of the easiest facial surgeries performed, and the wonders they do is simple beauty. Help Tense help others ride the Smile Train. Give the gift of a smile to a child today.

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