Demons in our heads: Blogathon Push

Mental illness is not something to be taken lightly. At its worst, it leaves victims that affects not only the actual victim, but the people around them. Their reach is more than just the people who are close friends and acquaintances, but are also those who met them briefly. The loss of them is painful, and anyone who commits suicide should be aware that when they die, they’re probably leaving more sadness and anger than they realise. Mental illness isn’t something to scoff at; its effects are far more wide-ranging and devastating than most know, even if they leave no mark on the body.

Panic attacks are one of them. So is clinical depression. ADD is another.

We all have our ups and downs, but always being in a hole is significantly much harder to get out of when you have been there a long time, and you can’t grasp the walls long enough to pull yourself out. In the end, what remains are tantalising glimpses of the world above, one that takes them a long time to reach.

But in the well, you’re not alone. There are small, tiny demons that feed on your insecurity, and given time, they become large ones that may devour your soul. Escaping from the demons often mean escaping from the well, yet these demons may chase you down and stuff you back into the well. Often the reason for the chase can be minimal, but it’s a lifelong battle for many. And the cost of giving into these demons can range from passing them down to your children, to the ultimate pain; suicide.

I know of one girl who’s seriously contemplating suicide because of her depression; therapy’s helping but barely. I know of at least two others who have panic attacks. I know of one girl who’s actually committed suicide. She was an acquaintance of mine but a good friend of the person who inspired this post. I remember her mainly for the flourless Oreo cheesecake recipe she posted one day. I’ve not had the chance to make it yet, unfortunately. I may not.

This Blogathon, help the silent who keep on walking in this world, even though it gives them pain. Support their families by making a donation to an organisation that seeks to help these souls. Sponsor ChiQ’s friends as they raise money for the Malaysian Mental Health Association. You never know if you could end up like ChiQ.

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