Borderless Love: A Blogathon Push

Beyond Religion. Beyond Race. Beyond Politics. Beyond Borders. Mercy before Judgement. Mercy before Reality. Mercy and Compassion. Diseases that can be prevented. Diseases that can’t, but can be managed. Love, Compassion, Understanding. Hugs. Sorrow. Pain. Sharing. Forgiveness.


The single most powerful word in ANY language today. No matter what you say or do, Love represents the highest and most complete human emotion. It encompasses a range of emotions; sadness, joy, care, tender, protectiveness, anger, jealousy… Unlike hatred, which is a single negative emotion (though deep), when you love someone, you tend to express more than one emotion. It’s like a whole package that becomes so much more when you have it in full measure instead of half.

Love, as we all know, comes in many forms and sizes. The most common, of course, is romantic love, but love for humanity, for friends, family, strangers… This love is far more powerful. In the movies, in the media, it is almost always romantic love that is emphasised, but how many people you know love more than just their partners? How many do you know would be willing to leave their partners to pursue their passions? Romantic love does not affect the world, not even if you’re a statesman. In this day and age, romantic love is a matter between the lovers and their families, no one else (close friends count too).

Compare that love to all other types. Love for her child prompts many women to take decisions into their own hands and leave their abusive husbands/partners. Love for friends prompt others to honour that friend. Love for country prompts many to speak out against her, if only to try and change/stay her course. Love for God/Faith/Religion prompts people to kill themselves to spread the word; on the opposite side, it prompts others to live their life in service/helping others.

Love has changed the world, but not in the way most people think. Offering mercy, consolation to those who need it, is one of the smaller expressions of love. How many lives would have been unnecessarily lost if we held on to our prejudices? Despite the Hypocritical Oath, many doctors prefer to pick and choose their patients. They withhold treatment, discourage their patients from seeking alternatives, judge people by their behaviour.

Yet at the core of this, there are many more who hold true of the Hippocratic Oath. Many who, when the call goes out, rush to the aid of others without thinking of cost, of danger, of timing, of season (except to get leave from their respective employers). They give more than their aid; they give themselves. They are rarely seen except in times of desperate need, and they are almost always among the first to respond when the calls go out (especially in the South East Asia region).

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