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Silly thing to be happy about

I have started repaying part of my PTPTN loan. At least regularly. It’s never been regular before this, and I hope to continue doing so. Yes, this also depends on me keeping this job steadily, but I should be able to do it, I hope.

Not repaying means I would be denying other students who need the money badly. Which is why I don’t approve of people who borrow with no intention to pay back, or those who borrow and forget to pay back… for ten years. -_-“

3 thoughts on “Silly thing to be happy about”

  1. I have tried repaying but they requested for some “Nombor Surat Tawaran”. What’s my Nombor Surat Tawaran? Can you tell me what a Nombor Surat Tawaran look like (a strong of alpha-numeric letters, or my IC number?) so that I can look for my own number?

    Geminianeyes: It’s a line of numbers. Normally about 8 digits, if I’m not wrong. If you have access to your statement, it will be at the “Rujukan Section”. It’s the last line of numbers eg: LALALA/LALALAL/Nombor surat tawaran.

  2. Bagus, sangat bagus! Amat gembira bagi pihak kamu!
    Semoga adinda mendapat gaji bonus besar pada akhir tahun ini!


    Geminianeyes: Apalah kekanda ini! Menakutkan adinda sahaja. Adakah kekanda ingin bertutur dalam bahasa biasa atau menggunakan pertuturan istana? Rasanya kalau mengikut bahasa istana, ada orang akan menuduh adinda dan kekanda sedang mengejek Duli Yang Maha Mulia Agong dan Sultan-Sultan. Padahal rasa adinda ini cumalah suatu cara untuk menunjukkan rasa sayang kepada Negara dan Tuanku Mizan. Apakah fikiran kekanda?

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