I am stupid

I should have held my tongue. But I couldn’t.

Parents know now what Raz is. And as expected… To them, the fact that I’m dating a Muslim means that they have failed as parents. Add my family history of Muslim uncles, and yes… I’ve been given a very long lecture. My parents want me to break off with him… and my mom wants me to find a Catholic boy… When they’ve already broken my heart twice? And another was a Christian?

I should have held my tongue, but I couldn’t, because my father was making assumptions about Raz that weren’t true. I should have been smarter, but I was stupid. The Penang trip falls into insignificance because of this, actually. He’s said that he will never give his approval. For the first time today, he told me about how hurt my grandparents were when my uncles married Muslims. He said that he was sad. My mom thinks I’m pregnant, but I’m having my period, so how can I be? -_-“


Parents think that Raz’s parents will take their grandkids away (my children) if anything happens to Raz, and that they’ll never see their grandkids again

They think I’m stupid for being with a Muslim, and that moving away overseas is just a dream

If I did, I would be selfish for doing so, for leaving them behind

Apparently going abroad to further myself is ok, but leaving them behind and taking my kids with them is selfish

No religion = person useless, no principles

If I have kids with Raz, my father doesn’t ever want to see them (this I can live with). According to him, he’s more cruel than his parents… wouldn’t that make me, his daughter, even more cruel for putting him and my mom through this?


I ish stupid and have no sense of timing.

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  1. It comes from the people that raise you. If they feel strongly about religion then their is a problem about these things. I will have to deal with something like this soon.

    Anyway, no you are not stupid. You are just brave for being able to tell your parents. Remember this is your choice only,not theirs, not your grandparents, yours.

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