Golden rule

There is a Golden Rule which I have broken, which explains why my father feels so strongly about me and Raz. I’d forgotten all about this rule, which is something that is done subtly and shoved down the throats of Catholic children in Malaysia.

“You can marry a Buddhist or a Hindu, because they will convert, but you can NEVER Marry a Malay, because then YOU will have to convert, and God (read: Family) will never forgive you for abandoning them.”

I’d forgotten all about it till one of my closest friends reminded me. I hate religious politics.

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  1. There is actually a Golden Rule? I’m not a Catholic so I wouldn’t know, but you always instead, convert Raz to a Christian if you can.

    Everything else that separates you from God it’s up to Him to decide how things will work out.

    Geminianeyes:Why would I want to deny him the same freedom of religion that he’s given me?

  2. *can always instead* — typo

    Geminianeyes: No worries. ^_^ Thanks for the input, but I would also like to point out one thing: That Golden Rule is a propaganda thing. Don’t think any other Church grew up with it.

  3. That’s not true of every country – in Bangladesh you don’t officially have to convert, for example, despite it being a very Muslim country. But Edmund, Raz can’t convert out of Islam in Malaysia, it’s jailable.

    Geminianeyes: That’s true, Tiara.

  4. How can you stand to even talk to parents that so deliberately seek to be slaves of Religious rules ? I would have abandoned them the minute I was able too o.O

    Geminianeyes: I’m moving out soon. Does that answer your question? And the Golden Rule is advertised subtly, so they can and will deny it if I point out.

  5. Lol, Tiara, I know. I was asking Geminianeyes to go out of Malaysia to some place that will allow Raz to switch, really.

    Geminianeyes: Sorry, I really don’t like my real name being bandied about, even if it is a short form.

  6. Alright, G.Eyes. Btw, about the freedom of religion that you’ve mentioned, you don’t really have to deny that. But one day you’ll have to square with you being believing in your God, and he believes in his God. One eventually will have to renounce.

    Geminianeyes: Edmund, are you so sure that we all need religion to worship God? Organised religion is merely one way of worshipping him. Surely there are other ways for us to show our devotion in our own way and belief, rather than letting other people dictate it.

  7. Well, we’re not all plaster saints. It’s up to you entirely whether if you need religion to experience God, but the question is really if Raz is believing in the SAME God as you do.

    And don’t worry, I’m not trying to cram religion down your throat.

    Geminianeyes: LOL, thanks. For a moment there I thought you were. ^_^ Why should it matter though, if we believe in the same God or not? At the end of the Day, it depends on how we carry ourselves in His presence when we’re dead.

  8. If you’ve chose to live with a man who doesn’t believe the same ONE God who loves you, well, that’s you. It’s not up to me anymore to be preachy here.

  9. see that is a fact as being a female Muslim you can’t marry out of your religion unless the man has to convert to Islam, and it isn’t about being racist to my religion, but you should respect the rules and regulation that are set for you if you truly care about your faith and what you want to do with your religion being married to non- Muslim or a non- Christian, there will be conflict no matter what if you do give religion that much importance in your life, and it would be wrong for either one to convert to the others religion unless you completely believe in it and are convinced to do so, it wouldn’t be fair to the both of you or to your kids in the future!!! it wouldn’t effect your parents but the both of you.

    Geminianeyes: See, Maliha, the thing is that I don’t truly care about the religion, but my parents do.

  10. I am sorry for the hurt this is causing you! As a Christian parent myself, I hope to learn to raise our children in our faith and trust them with their decisions when they are grown. Of course I hope they will marry Christians, because I want my DIL’s and SIL’s and my grandchildren to have a heavenly hope! We ALL believe we are right to a degree, or else we wouldn’t do the things we do.

    Still, I hope that you and your family can find peace together. (((((HUGS))))) sandi

    Geminianeyes: Thanks for your two cents, Sandi.

  11. Why do you have to convert? My boyfriend is a catholic and I am a muslim. I’ll always stay muslim and he’ll always stay catholic as much as we want. Noone HAS TO convert. The Golden Rule of every religion on earth is LOVE and PEACE

    Geminianeyes: In my country, it’s compulsory to.

  12. Wow, so much have been said that i don’t think it’ll help much if i added fuel to the fire.

    All things said and done, it all boils down to the individual’s free will and choice. You’re not answerable to anyone regarding the choices you make in your life – only the Big Guy Upstairs. Being the romantic that I am (ahem!?)…I truly believe that LOVE will, eventually, conquer everything else.

    Have patience, imouto-chan. You have the support of your friends. As much as I do not want to see your family break up, I hate to see you being unhappy and constantly at loggerheads with your folks.

    Have fun in Penang!

    Geminianeyes: Thanks Onii-chan!

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