Random Tarot Pairing

“The Emperor” (Me) and “The Empress” (My Uke)

You can seem a lot like a married couple even when you are first dating. There is a sense of familiarity and ease that comes with your uncanny ability to complement each other.
The Empress offers the relationship the emotional and creative balance while the Emperor has all of kinds of practical thinking to offer. Often the Emperor provides the Empress with solid advice and even financial support to achieve artistic dreams. The Empress lightens up the serious and sometimes plodding Emperor, teaching the value of laughter and fun, not to mention gourmet food and fine wine. Where this duo runs into conflict is usually when the Empresses’ spontaneity clashes with the Emperor’s methodical planning. On a trip together the two can be a disaster as the Empress is willing to play itinerary-free while the Emperor has every hour plotted on a graph. Compromise is a necessary ingredient when these two characters team up, but in the end they complement each other far more than they detract.

The italics are so accurate it’s scary.