Oi, enough di!

For a change of blog focus, this is a plea to the Traditional Paper Media: STOP COVERING POLITICIANS ALREADY WILL YOU?

Instead of covering the issue of the boy who was brave enough to sing about Malaysia and her unflattering parts, PLEASE COVER THE BLOODY CASE OF THE DOCTOR WHO HAD NO BRAINS AND NEARLY AMPUTATED A NEWBORN’S ARMS! That’s more important than a bunch of politicians trying to outdo each other in being the most “correct” and “patriotic.”

Then again, this media is controlled by the ruling parties. Looks like they’ve misplaced their sense of priorities.

3 thoughts on “Oi, enough di!”

  1. Saw the news about the doctor on a Chinese newspaper. This is why I don’t read much of traditional media anymore.

    Geminianeyes: I have to, at least for work. But seriously… this is stupid. Talk about wrong focus.

  2. Naah, it’s the government’s expertise to focus on the wrong things, no? They seem to like to hang our dirty underwear in public! For example, they regard bloggers are liars and disregard those bloggers who talk good about and promote our country.

    And I could go on and on about this, but I’d rather not. Not when the ISA is still in power, LOL.

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