Brief update

I’ll do a Yuhi and update this in point form:

– Last one week at the office was pretty light. After Wednesday at least. Took MC off one day cause I was too tired; it’s been nearly one month since I had a proper weekend where I did nothing but sleep 75% of the time. Outings drain me after a while.

– Comiworld. It was quite ok, had lots of fun, am annoyed at some people (especially their conduct). Will need to talk to them privately, though to the one who said that he could not contact me because he did not have my number, you not only phail, but it’s a very sad excuse. It’s safe to say that it’s ridiculously easy for you to get it, as nearly everyone around you has my number. If you don’t want to shoulder the responsibility, then be a man and own up to it. Your irresponsibility makes me want to quit in disgust.

– Lacry stayed over for two nights, Sky for one. It’s fun!! Finally, someone whom I can rant to about Singapore customer service! XD Skypegasus’ so much fun to pet! I’m serious! She’s cute and pettable… like a puppy? *Hides from Sky*

– Dinner at McD (not the original dinner I wanted, but because of the rain, it’ll do) with some friends whom I haven’t seen in a long time. It’s nice to get away from the anime talk and gossip once in a while and talk to friends who are delightfully sarcastic, have a good grip on life and are overall amusing. DMJ, if you read this, I have to introduce you to Kip. Ironically, he has been stabbed twice in the heart… and survived.

– Episode of “It-could-only-happen-to-Sam” coupled with a healthy dose of “Guys-don’t-ask-each-other-for-directions” syndrome. After all… how else can you get lost from TAMAN JAYA and wind up in PUCHONG?? If it were anywhere else in PJ I can understand… but PUCHONG? That and Sam, while gesturing to something else, managed to miss hitting someone’s nose with his hand by about… 2 millimetres? Honestly, it could only happen to Sam.

– Bought new notebook for writing in general stuff. Will need to mail things out later and get paper to make paper cranes.

– Coping. Surviving. That’s all I can do for now. And no, regardless of how I act, I have NOT forgiven my parents.

– Also, dealing with obvious questions amuse me. Just because you know a bit about it doesn’t give you the full rights to lambast them in public like that. Heck, even I know the Code Gay-ass Geass joke about Pizza Hut. And I don’t even watch the show! Then he failed on 3 points:

— He cannot tell the difference between booth girls and cosplayers. It’s kind of obvious that they’re not there as cosplayers if you see them handing out brochures about games now, isn’t it? My very first anime con was quite a few years ago, but even then I knew how to differentiate between booth girls and cosplayers.

— He cannot tell the difference between regular cosplayers and those hired by a company. The quality of the costumes gave them away… They’re NOT cosplayers because they’re dressed in fancy armour. -_-”

— Before you complain about the CF representative dressing up in a short skirt, try to figure out whether she was cosplaying in the first place. In any case though, if she wants to wear a short skirt, what’s wrong with that? You got something against girls who’ve better sense and legs than you?

Just because YOUR event was ok, doesn’t give you the right to diss others.

That was a nice rant.