Weekend Update

I did not really do much last weekend. There were many thoughts, but the one I keep thinking of revolved around boss. More specifically, the fact that I seemed to be over his death. It might steal over me in vulnerable moments, but by and by… I think boss would have given me a kick in IRC if I’d was sad over his passing. For those close to him though, the mourning has just begun.

I sent him an SMS on Sunday though I know he would never read it. There’s a certain person in IRC that I’m worried for… She seems to be putting up a brave front, but it’s affecting her very badly. It’s not the dead I’m worried about now (as harsh as that may sound) but rather the living. Most have someone to hold on to, but she… she’s taking it all on her own. She says she’s alright, but anyone can see that she’s not. She’s got a very childlike-mind process, and well… Some recover from blows like these, others don’t.

She’s resilient though, and that’s all I can say. It’s held her up in good stead, and I hope it does for a long time.

Gloomy things aside, I’ve been getting Pratchett books from the local library. It’s not as extensive as I’d hoped, but better than nothing. Thud! was rather cute (finished it yesterday) and have just started on The Truth, which should delight the Psuedo-journalist in me. Wit is much needed now. Not angst.

Some members need to be smacked. -_-“