No notices = bad temper

7.45AM: Still in bed. Mom calls. I grunt. She says, “You have to send me to work today.” Bear in mind, this is a woman who leaves for office at EIGHT. I grunt again.

7.55AM: Wake up, check email, go bath. Come out at 8.10. Check gaia. Get dressed. Disagree with mom as I get dressed on why no one told me I was sending her to work; would it have been that difficult to have left me at least a SMS?

8.25AM: Am putting on socks and what not. Getting things to go to the office. Mom calls on my handphone while I’m brushing my teeth.

8.30AM: Send mom to work. Annoy her by doing little things, such as not letting her listen to her favourite station, answering at her smartly when she makes comments and such.

8.45AM: Reach her office, mom gets ready to go down and turns her face up for a kiss. I say “Goodbye” and look ahead. She says, “Don’t you want to kiss me?” I reply, “No.” Mom leaves.


I can be cruel, and when it comes to my parents, especially my mom. On one hand, I DO feel guilty for being so cruel to her, especially when my dad has been cruel enough to her, but on the other, I feel angry that I’m being used again. It’s like arguing with Heal all over again; you think only of your own matters that you forget that you have other responsibilities. Even if you do, you don’t make the effort to warn them beforehand of your plans, you simply assume they will do it because you’re not there.

As for my father? Still one of the biggest assholes I know, although there’s another asshole that’s quickly moving into second place. Seriously… what kind of a guy breaks up with a girl by telling her that he doesn’t see a future with her (which is reasonable enough) BUT then tell the girl that they can still kiss/hug like they use to when they’re together? Oh yeah, the same kind of hypocrite that says that it’s ok to be friends with a Muslim but not fall in love with them.

Like everyone else, I do have a dark side. I do have a cruel side. It’s just that I don’t like showing my claws very often because I don’t want to hurt people whom I owe a debt to. In this case though… perhaps it’s time to show the other side of the sunny Gemini everyone’s used to seeing.

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  1. Both of you acting so childlishly isn’t going to help either of you. One of you has to break the cycle. Whose behaviour can you control?

    Geminianeyes: Truthfully speaking, the past few times when I’ve tried to engage her in a MATURE discussion, it works for a few days and then she and dad both revert to past behaviour. I’m tired of having to pander to their childish demands and behaviour.

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