Blogroll test

Don’t quite like how the blogroll is coming. I prefer [Edrei]’s way where his blogroll showed several categories, among them the WordPress crew and people who simply flyby. Then again, like [Pelfy], I don’t really use the blogroll to read blogs. That’s what my Google reader’s for. 😛

I wonder if the plugin will work like how it does for [Lainie]’s Blog.

Edit: YES IT DOES! So I shall now say:

Heroes in Singapore update, read [Philipp]’s post for more info! That’s all, and take care!

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  • Yes! Feedreaders RAWKS! 🙂

    Geminianeyes: Yes it does!

  • The whole purpose of a blogroll is to showcase to people what you usually read. It doesn’t make sense if you don’t read everything in your main blogrolls. That’s why I keep a few on the main inclusive of everything in 9rules.