Boycott Tesco!

It’s one thing to eat turtles, even if they’re cultivated. It’s quite another to slaughter them like this.

Tesco butcher these turtles while they are still alive, with no pre stunning. The procedure used to butcher them is to cut the head off and then to crush it.

Until the head is correctly crushed, destroying the brain, the turtle can remain conscious throughout the procedure. If the head is not correctly crushed, the turtle’s severed head can continue to remain conscious for up to an hour before it dies.

These turtles are known to move their neck and head with lightning speed and can easily withdraw into their shell. This can make the butchering task very unpredictable and far from easy, only prolonging the pain and suffering of the turtle while it is being butchered ALIVE.

Paul Davis – Turtlesco

So what can you do? Sign the petition to stop the butchering here. You CAN make a difference.

Thanks [Pelfy] for the original post!

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