I suppose I can now tell when my aunt is telling me a half-truth. Especially if it’s something that I said to her.

She will start with this half-teasing, almost giggly type of voice telling me about something and then she’ll *repeat* what I said. I’m certain that I did not tell my aunt that I would be going out to a movie on a TUESDAY. What I told her was that I would be working, and I might not be able to make it as I might be working late. This is what I told her last week.

Her response this week: “You said that you were only going to grandma’s house for a short while and then you’re going to catch a movie with your friends.” I managed a small protest before she told me why she was calling and hung up.

And people wonder why I can’t stand BOTH sides of the family.

On a semi-but-very-distantly related note, I am actually a bit terrified to go to my cousin sis’ wedding next week. I really don’t want to hear my aunts asking me about my status and when I’ll be next. Gods I hope that doesn’t happen.

2 thoughts on “Liar”

  1. My somewhat sarcastic response to busybodies who ask me THAT question is, “I got married yesterday. Sorry for not inviting you.”

    But of course you DON’T say that to relatives..

    Geminianeyes: My friend suggested something even better. “You’re absolutely right, I should get married. In fact, I have this guy in penang, his name’s Raz, and he proposed to me a few weeks back!”

  2. It’s easy… go and be asked “when is your turn?” then when you attend a family funeral, ask them… “when is your turn?”

    With that they will stop asking you when is your turn during relative wedding. Serious… it works ^_^;;

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