List for today

1. Check out Flock the web browser
2. Configure my Google docs to allow me to publish straight to this blog. Think I’m getting the address wrong.
3. Check out more themes and plugins for this blog. I promise [Edrei] I won’t install anymore themes plugins until our tutoring session today. (How in the world did Plugins become Themes?)
4. Post a long introspective post. I have one brewing at the back of my mind but it needs to be dragged out of the abyss I need to organise it coherently and actually write it. I’m long overdue for such a post.

Did I miss out anything?

On a random note, RHB Bank’s online banking has some very lacking security. I’ve heard of forcing users to have alphanumeric PASSWORDS, but this is the first time where I’ve seen a bank force its users to have alphanumeric IDs and NUMERICAL passwords. Their second level security verification is also a physical card, instead of a temporary password (TAC). I may be mistaken about the card (not sure if it’s just a one-time verification or meant to be used in place of the TAC) but I’m really scared to use RHB’s online banking services now.

1 thought on “List for today”

  1. I have a piece of little advice..

    You may want to do some read up before attending classes with teacher Edrei 🙂 I’m not sure about you, but I am quite st*pid with it comes to technical stuff, so I am sure I gave him lots of headaches, LOL.

    Geminianeyes: I’ll sure do, but what exactly do you mean by technical stuff? I know a bit of FTP etc etc. XD

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