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So, seen the new Blogroll categories yet? XD Take a look at them now!

This post is inspired by a post that [Pelfy] did titled, “To Blogroll or Not to Blogroll.” Blogrolls used to be a way to keep in touch with other bloggers, before RSS feeds became really common. After [Raz] helped me move to this domain, I started playing around with my blogroll. The reason for it was simple, actually. If you’ve been to [Lainie]’s blog, you’ll see that whenever she enters a name, their blogs/sites are automatically linked. Not sure if it still applies now, but that was one of the first things I wanted to do once I saw that function at work. Yes, I admit that it’s partially because it looks cool, but another reason is that it also brings publicity to writers I love and like.

So, to get that same function, I installed the Blogroll Autolinker. When I insert a name in a post, the plugin will search for the corresponding name and link it from my blogroll. As you saw earlier, it works! However, before I could use it though, I needed to first create a blogroll. I did that by importing my current blogroll from my Google Reader feeds. Once the import was done, I modified the blogroll by categorising them according to name and deleting inactive blogs and those I believed should not be there.

After creating the blogroll though, it looked too cluttered (still does, but at least the clutter has organisation. And that makes it cool, I tell you! *Smacks the writer* Sorry about her going off-track readers. Thank you for your patience. -Naoko- Itai….). So I turned to [Edrei] for help, as I liked the way his blogroll was organised (in a separate page entirely) and I couldn’t figure out how he did it (There’s also the fact that [Edrei] is one of the undisputed Gurus of WordPress). It was he who told me that I could actually create categories for my blogrolls, organising them much better than before (I apologise for the amount of head-smacking you must have done, Edrei).

As you can see, I’ve divided them into 4 different categories, namely Thick N Thin, Healthy Reads, Friendly Writers and Close Relations. Thick N Thin refers to friends and are made up of people whom I’ve actually met in real life. Healthy Reads, on the other hand, are people whom I haven’t met before or in a long time. They often make for some very interesting reads. Some are also blogs who write about certain causes that I support, such as [Manuscripts Don’t Burn] and [Nat].

Then there’s Friendly Writers. These are NOT blogs of Friendly Writers but are rather sites where stories are dumped so they don’t clutter the normal blog page (and as you guys can guess, this doesn’t quite apply to me :P). There are only three, but of the three, [Izzu]’s has the most (being the fanfic writer that she is), [Luc]’s the least and [Ghost Punque Border Prose] should be read for the sheer hilarity in it. Bear in mind though, that it’s still unfinished and [DMJewelle] has not given any indication that she’ll continue. The characters are recurring in some of her other works though.

Finally, Close Relations. These are people whom I either feel close to, trust deeply, care for greatly, or simply blood relatives. [Onger] is my cousin sister, while [DMJewelle] makes a good sounding board (when I need to be taken down a peg or two or just need a clearer perspective, thanks Dimmie!), [Philipp] is my adopted “Onii-chan” or elder brother, while [Nick] and [Raz] are people whom I still care for. Especially Raz but that’s another matter entirely.

So, that’s a just a brief rundown of blogs I read and the rationale behind my blogroll. Categorisation of the blogroll is not for my benefit, but for readers who are looking for something to read or browse. Also, the blogroll is still being modified, and I’m looking forward to the time when I can just have everything on a single page instead of lengthening the sidebar. That asides:

How do YOU organise your blogroll and what’s your rationale for it? Is it for you, for your readers? Why so?

Have a good day, everyone!

Note: This is also to test whether the Blogroll Autolinker will work with posts I send from Google Docs.

2 thoughts on “Blogroll Readings”

  1. I’m not quite sure why you even bothered to link to Apocryphal. That blog desparately needs an update. >_>

    Geminianeyes: Tahu pun! >D

  2. I don’t categorize my friends because some things just cannot be categorized 🙂 But in my Bloglines, I categorize my feeds according to “topics” 🙂

    Geminianeyes: I don’t categorise mine at all except in my mind. Does that count? :3

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