FST Longings

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I blame this on the fact that I’m braindead. Brain needs to work for work but is not in gear. So we’re trying something else instead. That and for some reason I feel the urge to post a FST, but what FST I’m currently undecided. That is to say, I have two FSTs I’m thinking about. One’s for Rosiel, the Inorganic Angel from Angel Sanctuary, while the other’s for Ping of Megatokyo. Ping undeniably fits this month’s theme, but I’m not too sure about Rosiel as he’s an angel rather than a human, but he’s inorganic and fairly cybernetic (I’m sure if you REALLY examine him he’s made of nano-chips! :p)

That said, here are my song choices for them. Titles should be self-explanatory (which is why I chose them) 😛

Cut for length


Garden of the Gods

Kyrie- Tsubasa

The Unloved- Backstreet Boys

Cruel Angel’s Thesis- Eva
Now, who didn’t see this coming? XD- Applies only to anime fans, so it’s ok if some didn’t know

You in Me- Juwita Suwito
Adoration of Alexiel by Rosiel. Alternatively, this can be substituted with Benediction to show Rosiel’s love for “God”

Everything- Michael Buble
Rosiel knows exactly what he does when he smiles at someone

Reflection- Christina Aguilera/Lea Salonga
I forgot who’s the artist, but the idea behind this one is that as Rosiel begins changing himself more and more to look more like Alexiel as time goes on. Not exactly healthy now, is it?

All-Out Attack- B’z
Rosiel fighting against the circumstances that created him and later with everyone else, though this could also be used for Michael

What I’ve done- Linkin Park
He was erased to cross out what he’s done

Don’t Stand So Close- Dave Rodgers
He doesn’t actually allow anyone to see him as he truly is, not even his servant, Katan

Diva- Blood+ Soundtrack
Beautiful, but ultimately destructive and destroyed by their siblings. Hauntingly scary.

Any more for Rosiel?

Ping from Megatokyo

Max Power- Initial D
When she’s mad…

I must not chase the boys- Tata Young
Even if she’s lost her master, she must not chase him. In fact she should encourage him to go after the woman of his dreams

Ultra Soul- B’z
Things like Ping aren’t supposed to have souls, are they? Yet within this one resides a soul so beautiful and gentle..

51% – Uverworld
Looks human, feels human, experiences emotions like a human… But not quite there, is she?

Tashika Ni- Angela Aki
The song sounds very upbeat like Ping, but when you check out the lyrics, it’s a sad, depressing song. Sounds just like her, doesn’t it?

Confidence- Sound of Music
Do I really need to explain this?

Broken Wings- Tomoko
Considering her programming, would Ping even stand a chance to land a guy?

Deep in your heart- Jyu Sei
Deep in her heart, she’s human. But is she?

I won’t say I’m in Love- Belinda Carlisle
Another “Need I say more?”