Sunday Mornings…

Are meant to be slept in.

Anyone who says otherwise should be shot. Then again, I’m referring to a day that is popularly known as a day of rest, but what rest do you get when you’re off running around? It started innocently enough for me; waking up in the morning and switching the comp on. Didn’t really do much except read; I kept telling myself to go play Pangay or Maple cause I felt like it, but in the end I just vegetated in Gaia. Then Mom came back, and made noise about us (bro and me) not going to church. After a few minutes of her ‘scolding’ about me and my bro going to church to just pray, she asked me (more like was trying to make an angry statement) that I didn’t need to go to Mass anymore. I told her that I did not want to go to Mass.

That prompted her to get even more angry, but she took it out by doing the chores and making mutterings from time to time. Finally she gave an order I fully intend to ignore; whether my brother and I liked it, we were going to church with them next week. Right. My brother and I simply ignored her. I was ironing my skirt then, so I did not say anything because I did not want to see her being hysterical again. Mom seems to be suffering from a delusion that my brother and I are still 5 years old and that we ‘need’ her guidance. What I want (not too sure about my brother) is not a woman intent on running my life and living her dreams through me, but a person who respects the choices she makes. I don’t question her about her choices (else I’d really wonder what possessed her to marry the man she did) so why can’t she respect mine? Sigh.

I suppose she thinks that if I go to Church more often, God would purge me of me loving a Malay (and le gasp of horror! A Muslim boy). I gave up on religion and its followers a long time ago. It’s one thing to invest belief in a religious system; it’s quite another to simply accept it without questioning. In a belief system where it’s the Pastor’s/Priest’s word is the most important (aka the sermon) and where they guilt you all the time, I find it hard to believe that it’s as equal as they proclaim. I have not lost my faith in God, but I’ve lost faith in His Churches.

Sigh ok, that rant aside.

My brother and I ended up driving down to KL. After a few wrong turns (they changed the roads again!) I ended up parking in Starhill Gallery/JW Mariott. It was pretty ok for a carpark; RM5 per entry. This IS the heart of KL we’re talking about. I was actually supposed to meet up with [Grayfox], [Joicy] and a few other colleagues for a wedding, but [Grayfox] ended up contracting something that sounded like German Measles, so I drove down in case I would be stranded without transport on the way back. The original plan was to take a train instead, but decided against that for the car. Plus Seraphine II still had a full tank of fuel. 😛

So after parking the car, my bro and I left Starhill Gallery and headed to Berjaya Times Square as he had an appointment there. While we were walking, we came across the very first Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf outlet in KL Plaza celebrating their 10th anniversary. The biggest offer was RM2 for a regular (10oz) of Ice-blended coffee. So guess who indulged their taste for coffee? ^_^

As my bro and I walked towards Sg Wang (which we have to pass if we wanted to head to BTS), we saw this couple looking at a map. The woman looked puzzled, while the man was trying to make heads and tails of said map. Not being able to resist, I went up to them and asked if they were looking for anything. I was expecting them to say no, as there had been a number of times when I had asked the same questions to tourists on the same street. Instead, they were happy to have someone show them, as they wanted to get to BB Plaza. My bro and I decided to just send them straight to BB Plaza, as it was close by and we’d have to pass that area anyway.

The nice old couple (think about 50-ish, 60-ish) were from Wales and in Malaysia for a few days before heading to Australia to meet their daughter. We brought them to BB Plaza by the long way. I forgot we could have entered via Sg Wang instead of going by the side, so I took them the long way. Whoops. In any case, after we dropped them off, I showed my brother the way to BTS from Sg Wang before heading to Sg Wang’s sixth floor where they had the AniCom Cosplay Competition, Round 1. Met up with Sky, Sil, Dai, Izzu and Mintos. The competition was due to start at 3 and it was 2.45pm. I found out from Sil that Junjun was Participant 4, which put my plans to go play Taiko while waiting for the CF-ians turn to start paid. Sigh.

I went and bought a small box of Takoyaki instead. Unfortunately by the time it cooled down AniCom had already started, so I shared it instead with Mintos, who like me, had not eaten the whole day. She took the first ball while the MC made the opening speeches. Then she started shooting and the cosplayers started coming out.

I’ll leave off the report about the cosplayers till later because I want to put the entry in with the pictures from Mintos. The quality of cosplay and acts were actually much better than I expected, though I have to put in a comment about the Alexiel cosplayer. Thank you for destroying the image of Alexiel. You know, if you’d say you were Belial, it would be far more believable and in character, but you chose Alexiel, who is probably far more sedate than you portrayed her to be yesterday. She’s not a sex trollop. I understand that you want to cosplay just for the sake of cosplaying, but please, put some research into the characters you want to do. Simply saying that you want to reimagine her is not going to fly it, especially since you’re so far out of character it’s not funny. Reimagining is one thing. But going out of character is another thing entirely. Simply put: YOUR COSPLAY SUCKS. And for the record, I have an issue with the way she plays her character, not the costume. That bit I leave for the pro cosplayers.

Sky’s skit was quite cute. Jun’s was funny. Roxanne deserved to win as Rabbi from D.Grayman.

Went to colleague’s wedding after that. That one will also have to wait as I want to edit the photos. 😛 So yes, both will be in the next entry. Or the one after that.

Meanwhile, have a video! Skypeg’s skit for Anicom. I apologise for the random angles.

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