Malay Media

In which I’m horribly amused (to borrow the way Lacry speaks :P) by the Malay Media.

If there’s anything to be said about them, it’s that they’re very good at writing veiled threats and sarcastic invites. Here, have a read. The phrase that’s made me feel so amused this Tuesday morning is:

Apa yang SS harapkan, semoga pelakon itu tidak lupa untuk mengundang pihak media nanti.

What SS (name of the gossip column) hopes, is that the actress doesn’t forget to invite the media (to her wedding).

Basically, they have a suspicion that this actress is getting married and is on the verge of making the leap but they can’t quite print it out yet. So they’re alluding to it, and this is their (not-so-subtle) hint that they would like an invite to the wedding. I suppose they must still be smarting from the snub that Natasha gave them for her wedding. Link’s in Malay, by the way. Oh Malay Tabloids, you do amuse us all so. Not so much by incompetence, but rather by sheer unashamedly begging for invites. Oh Harian Metro, you have no dignity.

And that’s how we’d like you to stay, so at least we know who to avoid.