Burning the National Flag?

This for context.

I would like to write a bit, but I don’t have the attention span for it. Considering the burning of the Jalur Gemilang (Stripes of Glory in English, aka the Malaysian National flag), at least people are paying attention to it. There are more people who disrespect the flag by making it into garments when it should be treated with decency. (Yes, Siti Nurhaliza and assorted “I’m-wearing-my-flag-see-how-patriotic-I-am!” whores, I’m looking at you. Even more so when you make your KIDS wear them) .


2 thoughts on “Burning the National Flag?”

  1. But then you know, a common civilian will be reprimanded for designing a Jalur Gemilang cake and then cutting and eating it, but some big shot singer can wear it and appear on national TV, singing a supposedly patriotic song and nobody says a thing.

    Not until now. Heh.

    Geminianeyes: My point exactly! These people all have misplaced priorities.

  2. Seen the pictures of the beauty contestants wearing the Jalur Gemilang on their ball gown like dresses?

    And the authorities never screeched.Instead,we get screeched on stuff that a big shot can get away scot free,and we poor civilians have to resort doing the complaining which they dont effing care.

    Geminianeyes: Now that one’s new to me. They wear them at BEAUTY PAGEANTS? WTF… Of course they’ll not care about civilians, because we can’t really do anything to them. If it’s a Datuk/Datin/with connections their heads and cushy jobs will roll ma!

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