Death, Life and Friends

Was looking through my Livejournal friendslist when I came across this piece by a good friend. The first that came to mind was Boss’ passing. More specifically, a comment that was made by someone. I can’t remember who heard it, who said it, or even what was said specifically, but it was a comment that I was quite surprised at.

“Who’s this guy, that so many came to say goodbye to him?”

The other was,

“He must have been a really good guy to have so many friends.”

Both of which were true. There were, of course, a number of others who wanted to go but didn’t, but in the end, I suppose what’s more important is the memory of him. I’m not sure how his parents would take it, but I suppose family members would feel surprised and perhaps happy that so many people came to say goodbye? I could only hope for something like that.

This also brings another point: I want to have an outing with my college friends. Specifically, with Tai Ka Che Lin and Vivian. Demouse, Ade, if you’re ever back in Malaysia, your presence is COMPLUSORY, you hear that?

Other LKW-ites are also invited, though I’d like to make this an all girls outing if you guys don’t mind. So… who’s up for it?

2 thoughts on “Death, Life and Friends”

  1. Would you like me to come in drag then? I’m sure I could find something in Sam(antha)’s secret wardrobe that would suit me. 😀 😀 😀

    Geminianeyes: Don’t mind us, onii-chan, but am hoping to get my old classmates too. Mainly classmates if you don’t mind. ^^

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