Preventing chapped lips

I normally use water to prevent chapped lips by drinking water and keep my lips moist enough. But in recent days, this has not been enough. The weather and airconditioner in the office has made my lips crack several times, and made me thirstier because of that. So the latest alternative is putting my lip balm to good use.

I use Mentholatum Lip Ice’ Strawberry Lip Balm (I prefer Lemon but I misplaced it quite some time ago) to this effect. It prevents your lips from chapping and chafing (not sure if I used that right). It also prevents you from feeling thirsty about 30% of the time. Before using the lip balm, I would have to take a sip every hour (or less). This at least, has meant less trips to the toilet.

This has been a random, unsponsored post. Thank you for reading.