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Warning: Caps liberal post.

Didn’t find a new top for my cousin sis’ wedding, so I made do with a black skirt, boots, plus two tops I’d worn before; one for Chinese New Year and the other recycled from last week’s wedding. Suffice to say, I was greatly amused and entertained by the antics of the bridegroom and his entourage while trying to spirit the bride away (among the games they made him do was to hunt for her missing shoe, eating dodols, drink black coffee with lime.. etc). Chinese Pre-reception wedding games are fun!

During the wedding lunch, I was struck with several realisations, some serious, some not:

– I do NOT want Utada Hikaru’s First Love to be playing on loop while waiting for the festivities to start. In fact, if I don’t have live music, then we’ll stick with Angela Aki. And Hamasaki. BoA for good measure. Heck, might as well just dump Tamako with a laptop hooked up to the speaker and let it play. Of course, I can’t quite guarantee the sanity of people who actually pay attention of the songs if Gunther’s the Ding-Dong Song or Weird Al’s You’re Pitiful comes up. 😛

– NO KARAOKE. I don’t care WHAT my mother says, what my family asks, BUT KARAOKE IS BANNED. COMPLETELY BANNED. I do not need to have the image of two ELDERLY uncles singing “I love you more than words can say” while HOLDING HANDS at my wedding KTHXBAI.

– To add to point two, there will be (if I have too) only three alcohol served: Wine, Champagne, and Chivas. My brother’s will serve Vodka and skip the wine (I think). This is to prevent incidents like the above. Also anyone who drinks and thinks of driving will have their car keys confiscated.

– I’m not sure if it were just my cousin sister’s family, or if it’s indicative of the circles my family moves around in, but I did not see ANY non-Chinese during the reception. The only non-Chinese came from my family, my uncle who married a Sarawakian and my grandmother’s house maid. It’s scary.

And the last point was what scared me the most. If I married a non-Chinese, would they be accepted by the family? Would they NOT treat him like a second-class citizen?


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  1. …and I thought your family tree and relatives are made up of non-Chinese.

    Is the yellow skin is trying to tell me the obvious?

    Geminianeyes: Dad’s side yes, Mom’s side no.

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