Live= Bandwidth Hog

Due to MS wanting people to use Live Messenger instead of MSN 7.5 (claiming that there was a serious security flaw that needed to be fixed, so instead of issuing a patch for 7.5 they force users to upgrade to 8.1 instead, which is a whole different program), I’ve been forced to upgrade to Live 8.1. Here’s the beautiful problem:

As soon as I do so, my Firefox connection drops like a sack of hot potatoes. Why in the world could they not release a patch instead of forcing me to upgrade to Live?

The main reason I did not upgrade to Live was because I did not have enough RAM, and now they hog my connection? It’s only Firefox that dies. My IRC and GTalk work perfectly fine. So, is this a ploy by MSN? I don’t doubt it.

Live Sucks.