Angela Aki- TODAY

On 19 September 2007, Angela Aki released her latest album, TODAY. Among Angela’s fans (including yours truly), this was certainly a much-anticipated event. I like Angela Aki simply because I like her. She’s one of the very few singers that I find truly a joy to listen to, maybe because for me, she sings with sincerity. I love the emotion and the passion that she brings to each song. While some may say that she sounds repetitive (TODAY does sound a lot like HOME, her previous album) I find this album a pleasant surprise, for she’s retained enough of the sounds from her previous album to sound like Angela Aki, but at the same time, she’s experimented with other styles to give her songs a new feel.

I’ve already put the lyrics up previously for her singles from this album; Tashikani and Kodoku No Kakera. Listening to the album in full, I love the tunes of Again and One Melody so far. In fact, I can probably loop Again the whole day, it’s that addictive. Have not really listened to the album in full yet, but I’m not a fan of Silent Girl and borderline about Surrender. Will probably listen to them in the office.

Sakuraino is a pretty good track to listen to when the album opens.

So, should you get it?

I’d say… Yes. If you’re a J-Pop fan.