eBay Scares

I was sent an email today (actually before I left the house) from eBay telling me that my account had been rolled back due to suspicious activities. The funny thing is that I did not use this account for a few months until yesterday to bid for something. In a flurry of panic at the office, I tried to log into my account and failed miserably. Note: If you receive emails like this, NEVER, EVER log in from the email. ALWAYS go to the said website and log in. I became suspicious as the email was from the UK website, and I was only registered (and used) the Malaysian site.

Looking up the clues on the Internet, at first I thought it was a spoofed email, then I dug a bit further and found out that it was probably genuine. This was because the email did not tell me to log in anywhere. It simply told me that my account had been hacked, and told me to change my password. I attempted to do so, but the page given to me timed out.

Following links online, I lodged a spoof report, then I headed on to Live Chat (from eBay, NOT MSN) and talked to a Customer Rep. She was very friendly and professional and it came across in the chat. A very warm person, I would say. :p She helped reset my pw, confirmed that the email WAS from them, and answered my queries well.

I suspect that my account was compromised at home, as the report was lodged just hours after I’d log in at home. Keyloggers are also suspected, because I just finished running AdAware and Spybot the day before. Am going to run AVG later. Anyone can suggest other alternatives?